Celtic European Cultural Review

Illustration  of the Reasons 

The aspirations of this Review would be those of take over  ideologically to the origins of our European Culture. In order to carry to acquaintance of the new generations the values of the Past, that they were the basic of our modern democracy and the European Unification. We shall looking  in the closets of our forefathers, their curiosities, their councils, their values, their instructions, their anxieties, as they loved, as they lived, like foot, as they were amused, try themselves of making  living again in the WAYS Millennium of Were Celtic. A fine second would be that one to fix in the cyber world the Celtics traditions not only those that today are fashionable but to gratify those people that for passion or study or has been approached, applied giving acquaintance to this fascinated ancestral world. European the Celtics populations were the root of Europe today. Their daring of freedom of equality, knowledge . They fought until the end, for the safeguard of their independence, their devotion for the Nature. Today we are living a second European Union, unfortunately we have lost their suggestions, we do not respect more what God has donated to us with much love, they knew make treasure XC Centuries ago. To the Celtic, our admiration goes all.



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